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elite-prospect-zone.jpgNCAA Resources & Guidelines

Go to to access the National Collegiate Athletic Association website.


NCAA Publications

Available for immediate download: Manuals, Record Books, Playing Rules and Video Products


2012-13 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

2012-2013 NCAA Division I Manual

2012-2013 NCAA Division II Manual

2012-2013 NCAA Division III Manual

2012 Football Case Book (June 2012)

2011-2012 Football Rule Book (2 Year Publication)

Football Rules & Interpretations

NCAA Div I - Coaches Off-Campus Recruiting Guide

  • Freshman/Sophomore - Recruiting Materials -
    Questionnaires, camp brochures, , nonathletic institutional publications, and NCAA Educational Material Published by the NCAA only.

  • Junior - Recruiting Materials - September 1.
    Telephone Calls - One between April 15 and May 31.

  • Senior - Telephone Calls - Once per week after September 1 of the senior year.
    Unlimited during contact period.
    Off-Campus Contact- July 1 prior to senior year (limited to contact periods).
    Official Visit - Opening day of prospect’s classes.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Register at the beginning of your Jr Year with the NCAA Eligibility Center:

The NCAA Eligibility Center is the first step in the recruitment process. The Eligibility Center handles all inquiries regarding an individual's initial-eligibility status. The Eligibility Center also maintains and processes all of the initial eligibility certifications.


NCAA Sliding Scale

Initial NCAA eligibility is determined on a sliding scale. Student-athletes are required to pass 32 semesters of core classes during high school with at least a "C" average (2.0 GPA).

It is also required that the student-athlete take the ACT (or SAT). The higher the core GPA, the lower the standardized test score needs to be to gain eligibility. And vice versa!

Core Courses: Math, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, English, Foreign Language, and Philosophy Courses.

Non-Core Courses: PE, Religion, Independent Study Courses

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