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February 2014 
This year EPZ is focused on ACTION and RESULTS! We look forward to working with you and guiding you to reach your full potential.
Sheila Green, CEO
Elite Prospect Zone, Inc.
Featured Athlete
Deondre Otis
6' 0" Point Guard
Deondre Otis
San Francisco, CA
Point Guard
6' 0", 165lbs
Class of 2014
by Malik Wade

Elite Prospect Zone's featured athlete of the month is Deondre Otis from Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, CA. Through hard work and determination Deondre has seen steady progress in his basketball career. Deondre started his career (and still plays for) the nationally recognized AAU program the San Francisco Rebels.


Deondre is a meticulous student of the game as well as an excellent student in the classroom. He carries a 3.0 GPA, a tough task considering Sacred Heart's rigorous and demanding college prep curriculum. On the court he serves as an extension of the coach. During the game he is constantly giving direction and instruction to his teammates and operates as a quiet maestro. He leads by example and has a calm confidence about himself.


Mitch Stephens, senior writer and editor for CBS Max Preps, tweeted on January 20, "SHC Deondre Otis looks like a definite Division I point guard here at a big D1 Arena, Haas Pavilion. Scoring, distributing, running show."


Deondre is an adept and clever ball handler with good fundamentals. He is a solid guard that can handle the ball and has decent shooting range. He is also a stout defensive player. His broad shoulders and lengthy wingspan make it difficult for opposing guards to blow by him.


One of the more seasoned and experienced players in the bay area, Deondre has been a member of the varsity team for three years (two years as a starter) and has played in two state championships. He is used to the bright lights and has played on television on several occasions. Deondre recently had somewhat of a breakout game when he scored 20 points against a highly ranked El Cerrito team with solid backcourt play and two tough athletic guards.


We are pleased to announce that Deondre is currently a candidate for player of the year in the rugged and highly competitive WCAL, one of the best leagues in the state. Several colleges have expressed interest in the 6' guard. As of late his stock has risen incrementally. If he can guide his team to a third consecutive state championship he may quietly find himself inserted into the conversations of some unsuspecting college coaches. Purportedly Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount and the University of San Diego have him on their radar. As it stands Deondre has the ability to be a solid guard at the mid major level.


True Grit Sports
9th annual "College Signing Day" Celebration

True Grit Sports
 Date: Feb 5th, 2014

Location: Pens n Strikes

3443 Laguna Bvld, Elk Grove, CA

Time: 7pm - 9pm   
Cecil Williams Jr. - Harvard
Joey Banks - Sacramento State University
Taron Johnson- University of Wyoming
Brandon Lewis - University of Washington
Chibuzo Nwokocha - University of CA Berkeley
Curtis Williams Jr. - Humboldt State
Robert Sanders - Weber State University
In This Issue

National Signing Day  

Recruiting Moment of Truth

From An Athlete's Perspective


by Marcus Green, Jr.


It's January, the moment of truth for athletes who are slated to sign their National Letter of Intent the first Wednesday in February. The official visits are picking up. College coaches are more aggressive in their recruiting tactics and enticing the athletes to make a commitment. Athletes are hoping that their dream school will make an offer. And the stress level is unbelievable.


During this time, senior athletes who have received offers are now responsible for making a decision that will have a tremendous impact on their lives. 


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How Athletes Achieve Personal Success
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