Knowing when and where to start makes a difference!

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"It always comes down to “if I had known, I could have, should have”. Many of us have spoken these phrases for things we wished someone had just taken the time to explain.“We learn from our experience” is a phrase that we are all familiar with.  To educate or implant knowledge of important facts that are crucial to the early success of our children is what every parent strives for. This simplified step by step handbook has allowed my son’s dreams and dedication to academics and athleticism to believe dreams can become real, achievable, and obtainable.

I find this handbook to be an easy reliable way to ensure my son has the same opportunity as other athletes. Last but not least, a Recruitment Service charges thousands to do what takes minutes when you have everything all setup. I am extremely happy with this easy step by step Recruitment Guideline Book. I have saved money and gain invaluable knowledge for my son and grandchildren’s future." 

Sincerely, Sonovia Rogers

"I need to let you folks know that the recruiting process can be very overwhelming. But I will let you know that because of Sheila’s passion, energy and love for her son it has helped my family grasp the understanding of the recruitment process of taking football to the next level. This guidebook is simple and easy to follow both for the student athlete and parents. A lot of the responsibility lies with the parents and athletes. My son has taken on the task of writing letters and filling out the questionnaires because of the information in this guidebook. The collaboration and networking that was done for this guidebook has been instrumental in our sons recruiting process. Its easy and step by step instructions gave us a focus at each grade level and what the college coaches are expecting. I would recommend Taking High School football to the Next Level Guidebook to any and all parents and Athletes."

-Kristi Banks

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