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EPZ Partners & Affiliates


The Next Level Media

 Next Level Media Production specializes in producing outstanding, affordably priced, sports highlight videos of any sports event. During the recruiting process, film evaluation is the No. 1 tool used by college coaches to determine whether or not to pursue a high school prospect for student/athletic scholarship consideration.  Learn more

True Grit Sports

 True Grit Sports Academy (TGSA) is a non-profit 503(c) organization that offers complete sports conditioning and skills training academy. TGSA developed sports training and conditioning techniques adopted from many sports, adapted to create efficient athletic performance.  Learn more

Scholastic Interest Group

The Scholastic Interest Group (SIG)  is a non-profit 503(c) organization that offers programs such as tutoring, character development workshops and specialized academic and  athletic programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. SIG’s educational and enrichment programs allow participants to become productive members of society by obtaining a skillset that allows student-athletes to successfully pass SAT/ACT tests, cultivate character and hone athletic skills.  Learn more






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