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Summer Task List


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TASK #1 - Conditioning & Training - Student athletes should be gearing up for summer training. Regardless of your sport, it's important to stay active during the summer. Continue working on improving your speed, strength, and cardio.

Find a local sports conditioning program in your area.

TASK #2 - Recruiting Questionnaires - Questionnaires are a good starting point. Did you know that filling out recruiting questionnaires lets the college coach know that you are interested in their school? In addition, in provides them with valuable information about you as an athlete and student. Most questionnaires are completed online and directly feed to the school's database of prospective recruits.

Complete 3-5 college recruiting questionnaires each week this summer. Most can be found by on the school's athlete page under "Prospective Student Athlete" or under the recruiting section.

TASK #3 - College Visits - Plan visits to as many schools as possible. Recruiting visits are vital in the decision-making process. This is a time to sell yourself as a student-athlete and to ask a lot of questions so you can evaluate whether the school is a good fit for you.

Prospective student-athletes are permitted an unlimited number of unofficial visits. These visits may be taken any time of the year except for dead periods. You can start taking unofficial visits as early as your sophomore year. Schedule a few this summer!

TASK #4 - Calls to Coaches - Call at least 1-2 coaches a week to express your interest. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself before you call a coach. Following these simple steps will help you prepare:

    1. Make sure you have a purpose for making your call. Whether you would like to know if the school is interested in recruiting you or if you are just following up on a previous call or letter you received.
    2. Prepare a short list of questions to ask the coach.
    3. Practice making calls with a parent or an adult who can provide you with constructive criticism.
EPZ will be holding "Calls to Coaches" workshops this summer. Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive workshop information.
TASK #4 - Camps & Combines - Attend "Select or Elite" College Camps and Combines. Since coaches attend camps and combines throughout the year, make sure you notify coaches of the camps you will be attending so they will know to look out for you. This is a great opportunity for recruits to be evaluated.

Some camps will receive registrations from hundreds of prospective recruits. Make sure you stand out. Give the coach a call and let him/her know that you are coming. Send them a copy of your highlights before you attend. Once you're there, do your best to stand out and show your skills.

TASK #5 - Have Fun! - Take time this summer to have some fun!
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