Knowing when and where to start makes a difference!

elite-prospect-zone.jpgWalk-On vs. Preferred Walk-On

Student-athletes who are not recruited by their school of choice might consider trying out as a walk-on or better yet a preferred walk-on to earn a place on the roster.


Less than 2% of high school student-athletes receive an athletic scholarship. But for some sports, more than 3% of high school student-athletes go on to compete at the college level. There are times when great athletes are undiscovered and do not get recruited. These young men and women can choose to try-out for the team as a walk-on player. This task is challenging, but could result in scholarship opportunities in the future.

Walk-on players make the team without being actively recruited or without receiving an athletic scholarship, but by trying out and proving they belong on the team.


Preferred Walk-On

The popularity of preferred walk-ons is ramping up. These student-athletes are also considered recruited walk-ons and are generally the extra players that fall within NCAA-mandated roster limits. Although the student-athlete does not receive a scholarship, he/she is guaranteed a place on the roster and may receive scholarship opportunities in the years to come.

Consider an invitation as a preferred walk-on as the green light to participate in practice and be on the team during the first year.

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